<![CDATA[Team 7-2 The Pumas - Team Blog]]>Sun, 31 Jan 2016 22:29:25 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Fear Factor Food Face Off for English]]>Thu, 14 Nov 2013 14:17:05 GMThttp://team72.weebly.com/team-blog/fear-factor-food-face-offPicture
Four students in each class competed against each other to eat this entire bowl of food.  These foods are the ones talked about in the upcoming story, Fish Cheeks.  

Students had an amazing time and tons of fun.  Students cheered the competitors on.  The competitors ate and ate without stopping.  We had great reactions from them when they really disliked one of the foods.

In Fish Cheeks, the main character, Amy, is embarrassed to have the boy she likes over for dinner because of the different foods they eat.  I wanted students to understand first-hand what these foods are and how they taste so that they could connect with the character and story.

Congratulations to the three winners who ate the entire bowl first!  They earned 400 LE bucks.   All competitors earned 100 LE bucks for taking the plunge and trying something new.

<![CDATA[Amigo Brothers and visit to Woonsocket Boxing Club]]>Fri, 08 Nov 2013 20:00:43 GMThttp://team72.weebly.com/team-blog/amigo-brothers-and-visit-to-woonsocket-boxing-clubThe English classroom was transformed into Tompkins Square Park for the story, Amigo Brothers by Piri Thomas.  Students learned about the different vocabulary for boxing.  When reading the story, two students in each class acted out as Antonio or Felix for the match part of the story.  On Friday, students took a walking field trip to the Woonsocket Boys and Girls Club to see a real boxing ring at the Woonsocket Boxing Club.  Mr. Providence talked to the students about the game of boxing and how he became a professional boxer.  A few students were able to try out their boxing skills on the practice bags.  Students finished the unit with an analysis of how point of view could have a major effect on how the story was told.
<![CDATA[Second Quarter Begins!]]>Mon, 04 Nov 2013 20:06:01 GMThttp://team72.weebly.com/team-blog/second-quarter-beginsIt's important to remember that you start fresh each quarter.  Learn from your mistakes last quarter.  Work to improve on those mistakes.  

Key items to work on:
  • stay focused in class so that you complete all work on time
  • complete all homework on time
  • be kind and respectful to all
  • be on time, prepared, and dressed in uniform
  • check Edmodo for work when absent
  • check Gradebookwizard weekly
  • make up all work immediately

If you focus on improving in these areas, we know that this quarter will be very successful for you!]]>
<![CDATA[NECAP Team Raffle and Dunk Principal Day]]>Fri, 01 Nov 2013 18:30:57 GMThttp://team72.weebly.com/team-blog/necap-team-raffle-and-dunk-principal-dayFor showing up every day on time and working their hardest, students earned raffle tickets.  Students could use 12 for a chance to dunk administration, 5 for a dress down day, or chances at winning many team items from $25 gift card to Target to movie passes to CinemaWorld.  Congratulations to all our winners!]]><![CDATA[Curt's Crazy Cafe]]>Tue, 29 Oct 2013 18:42:06 GMThttp://team72.weebly.com/team-blog/curts-crazy-cafePicture
     For nine days, the English classroom was turned into a crazy cafe while students worked on different lessons about the six traits (ideas, word choice, organization, voice, sentence fluency, and conventions).  Each day, the cafe went to a different country from the Caribbean islands to Germany.  
     Students earned extra reward bucks for dressing in the colors of the day's country and/or bringing in snack.  Each day, Mrs. Curt wore the colors of the country and sometimes had a crazy hat to match.  Music from the countries played as the students worked.
      We had two special days where Mrs. Curt brought in a snack for all.  For the Irish cafe, she made homemade Irish soda bread.  For the Italian cafe, she made homemade pizzelles.  
      No one wanted the cafe to end, but unfortunately all 

<![CDATA[Parent-Teacher Puma Party]]>Thu, 17 Oct 2013 18:27:18 GMThttp://team72.weebly.com/team-blog/parent-teacher-puma-partyWhen arriving on team 7-2's floor, parents and students were greeted with pizza, coffee, coloring pages, crafts, and laptops to us.  Parents were given a small token of thanks from each teacher.  We are grateful that over 35 families came to visit us.  We worked as quickly as we could in order to see everyone and to keep the wait time down.  Thank you for visiting.  Don't hesitate to contact us if you wish to meet with us again before the next conferences in March.  Congratulations to Brianna and her family for winning the door prize basket of games! ]]><![CDATA[Picture Day is Tuesday, September 3rd]]>Sun, 01 Sep 2013 13:51:10 GMThttp://team72.weebly.com/team-blog/picture-day-is-tuesday-september-3rdMrs. McGuire, assistant  principal, announced that students can bring in a shirt to change into for their pictures on Tuesday, but they must change back into uniform after it.  On the first day, order forms were sent home.  Students, don't forget your orders if you wanted to buy the pictures.  Make up pictures will be announced in the future.]]><![CDATA[Student Learning Objectives - What are these?]]>Fri, 30 Aug 2013 13:47:45 GMThttp://team72.weebly.com/team-blog/student-learning-objectives-what-are-theseStudents were asked to bring in their "thinking caps" for Friday's English class.  Students in all classes will be taking pre-tests that tell the teachers what they know.  This will give us lots of baseline data to know how and what the students will need to work on in order to be successful on the final projects/essays that will count towards their grades.  Students should show growth between the pre-test and final project/essay.  To make this as fun as possible, Mrs. Curt had students wear their favorite hats and listened to soft classical music.  Students will need them on Tuesday, too.]]><![CDATA[Bring in a Hawaiian shirt? What for?]]>Thu, 29 Aug 2013 13:42:51 GMThttp://team72.weebly.com/team-blog/bring-in-a-hawaiian-shirt-what-forStudents were curious on day one about why Mrs. Curt would want them to bring in a Hawaiian shirt and/or beach hat.  When students entered the class, they were greeted to flipped desks and chairs.  Mrs. Curt greeted them looking like this:
Students pretended to be on a flight that went bad over an island.  They worked in groups to decided who would be rescued off the island and why.  This was a great way for students to start to work with each other right away and to learn what is expected by Mrs. Curt when working in groups.

<![CDATA[First Day Fun]]>Wed, 28 Aug 2013 13:37:28 GMThttp://team72.weebly.com/team-blog/first-day-funStudents were greeted with a First Day photo booth during Enrichment.  Students were able to take photos with props and their friends as one of our team fundraisers.  In ELA, Mrs. Curt confused the students with Play Doh on their desks.  Each student created something that represented themselves.  She has shared all the photos in Edmodo.  Mrs. Ducharme, Mrs. Curt, and Mrs. Heon had students sign up for text reminders using Remind 101.  This is also for parents.  If your child has not shared the code with you, use the contact page to let Mrs. Curt know and she'll get the codes to you for your child's class.

Here are two of many of the great Play Doh creations.